Nasty emotions

In MBTT a distinction is being made between positive and negative (nasty) emotions, like anger, fear and helplessness. The positive emotions see to it that we are “feeling well”. The nasty emotions on the other hand are causing us a lot of trouble and are making us “feeling bad”. As weeds have their roots deep under the paving stones, our nasty emotions have their roots in the past. There are the roots of our “bad feelings”, of which we are often not aware. We often think that, if we’re “feeling bad”, somebody or something else is to blame. The roots of our nasty emotions represent our negative experiences from the past. Exactly these experiences at that time have evoked those nasty emotions in our minds. Think of (consider) experiences which are connected to nasty emotions, like for instance being pestered at school, a row, (verbal) violence, emotional blackmail, disparaging, intimidating, feeling rejected in a certain situation or feeling unsafe, a loss, misunderstanding, negative emotions, which are not allowed to being expressed, lack of love, indifference, hate, anxieties, treason etc. That kind of negative experiences each time are evoking (a) nasty emotion(s) in our minds, when we are thinking back to it (them). These nasty experiences in fact are (little) trauma’s in our subconsciousness. Many of such experiences can be originated from (early) childhood. For instance, what at first sight might be a trivial incident for a grownup, can turn into a traumatic event in the experience of a child. Think of (consider) a rejected child that is seeking comfort from his mother when he’s needing her most, while his mother isn’t being aware of it. The child consequently can get distressed and is feeling let down. Caused by this experience, the roots of the emotions can come into being, which, like weeds in similar situations, are going to look for a way out during adulthood.MBTT is a self-examination and a self-healing method, which enables us to track down the roots of our nasty emotions and to remove them like weeds. This way automatically room is going to arise in favor of the new emotions. When our subconsciousness is becoming “roots free”, this room is automatically being filled with the nice emotions which cause u to “feel good”. See Mindfulness Based Trauma Treatment.

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