How to make yourself feel good

The way to “feeling good” starts with a personal check-up of your own inner emotional range. What does your personal tn_goed-voelenemotional world look like from the inside of your being? What’s blocking the way towards “feeling good”? In my case I soon discovered a pile of nasty emotions, which prevented the way to my “good feelings” like a block of concrete. As soon as I got rid of my “pile” automatically a big inner space came into being, which gradually filled itself with the sense of “feeling good”.

You can consider (classify) all emotions, which you experience as being unpleasant or nasty, as nasty emotions. Think of sorrow, anger, envy, anxiety, fears etc. How are the nasty emotions being evoked in our minds? Somebody does something or says something, or you’re thinking of something and all of a sudden you’re getting a nasty emotion, or maybe even more than one. Where do these emotions come from? These nasty emotions often have their roots in your own past. They’re just like seeds, which have been planted in the soft soil of your subconsciousness, caused by (a) nasty experience(s). Gradually the seeds began to grow, fed by similar nasty experiences. Think of (concentrate on) experiences of the past, which you can connect with your nasty emotion (s). These nasty experiences, which in fact are, as far as your subconsciousness is concerned, (little) traumas, are responsible for your nasty emotions. They’re continuously looking for a way out by associating themselves with certain situations.

A simple example. Occasionally I meet someone, who’s spontaneously evoking irritations and anger in me without doing anything at all. What ’s the reason of this? In this case the reason is the very insolent behaviour of somebody else from my past, who at that time has evoked in me an enormous lot of irritations and anger. My brains associate this experience with the person whom I met in the present. Both persons have something in common, as a reason of which I’m feeling a whole lot of irritation and anger. My nasty emotions have actually got “stuck” caused by my nasty experience from the past. They were kept “hanging” in those experience in the shape of an image (memory), which keeps evoking nasty emotions in my mind time and time again.

Fortunately it appeared to be quite possible to go back to that nasty experience to “liberate” myself from my emotions, which have been getting stucked. As a result of that my irritations and anger, caused by the person in the present, have also disappeared. In the same way sorrow, shame, anxiety, envy and other emotions can be “liberated”.

In my book you’ll find an extensive explanation of the hidden mechanism behind the nasty emotions. It’s also plainly explained, how you’ll be able to “liberate” yourself from your nasty emotions by means of the so-called trauma-programming. The trauma-programming is a simple manner for you to be able to cope with a nasty experience.

Often during a long time we’re not aware of our nasty experiences out of the past. Simply because we’re not being able to remember them anymore because of the fact that we suppressed them. In my case this was applicable. I walked around carrying my nasty emotions and I blamed everyone for it, without being aware that the source of these nasty emotions originated from my own nasty experiences from the past.

How are you going to find out about the source? How are you going to find out about your nasty experiences, which are hiding themselves behind your nasty emotions? Now this can be successfully done with the trauma-hunting. By means of the trauma-hunting you yourself can go fishing for the nasty experiences from your past in your subconsciousness in a very simple way. The trauma-hunting and the trauma-programming are part of a simple self-help technique: Mindfulness Based Trauma Treatment.

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